PDO (POLYDIOXANONE) Thread lifting

PDO (POLYDIOXANONE) Thread lifting

Plastic surgeons have used this thread’s material for over 30 years. Moreover, it excels in its high tractive force, smooth tissue penetration, and outstanding durability. The practitioner implants the threads into the skin with a needle to create a lifting effect. After threads are in place, they activate the creation of new connective tissue and collagen fibres. This reaction results in firming, lifting, brightening and reducing wrinkles in the treated area.

Treatment with PDO threads can be used not only for smoothing wrinkles and firming the sagging facial skin but also almost anywhere in the body, such as in the neck, breasts, buttocks, abdomen, knees, and inner thighs and arms.

Excellent lifting and firming results

‘I see the excellent lifting and firming results after just one treatment that may last 9 to 12 months. Clients do not have to worry about any scars or visible fibres and see it as a part of a safe and simple procedure with a long-term effect compared to face lift’ Olena, the aesthetic practitioner, summarises the reasons for offering PDO thread lifting treatment.

In combination with Botulinum toxin A wrinkle relaxing injections and volumising dermal fillers, the clients may achieve the optimal regeneration and youthful appearance without going under general anaesthesia and a lengthy recovery period.

After applying local anaesthetic cream, the procedure only takes 30 minutes with a minimal recovery period and aftercare.


  • PDO cog 4 threads
    £400 Book now
  • PDO cog 6 threads
    £600 Book now
  • PDO cog 8 threads
    £650 Book now
  • PDO cog 10 threads
    £750 Book now
  • Crows feet PDO mono threads (eye area lines)
    £250 Book now
  • Eye bags PDO mono threads
    £250 Book now
  • Eyebrow lift PDO cog threads
    £400 Book now
  • Forehead lines PDO mono threads
    £350 Book now
  • Other areas thread lifting (breasts. inner arms/thighs etc)
    £600 Book now

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